Claire Lovell Paintings

Claire Lovell

My paintings are born out of an excitement and amazement I feel from the art that surrounds us in our natural world. I love the way colours change, light shifts and shadows move... constantly changing throughout the course of a day, a season, throughout a lifetime. I am excited by patterns, by alliteration of colour and shapes that appear... the life and activity within those landscapes, be it a flurry of sails across an estuary, a flock of birds or simply the clouds and trees. I also feel hugely inspired by quirky or exciting buildings within a landscape, a solitary croft on a mountain, a cottage by the sea, old medieval towns in southern France, the combination of historic and contemporary architecture of a cityscape alongside a river.

I wish to celebrate in paint, a sense of being alive, my energy, a freshness… and hope to encourage others to feel inspired by the beauty of our lovely planet.

Trying to interpret all this through paint is a continuous challenge, often frustrating, but when everything seems to be working with me, there is nothing like the feeling of applying paint to a board, moving it around and seeing something emerge which represents an image of what I had hoped to create.

For all enquiries, or if you are interested in purchasing a painting, please feel free to contact me via this site.