Claire Lovell Paintings

Claire Lovell

As time passes I am increasingly convinced that the natural gifts and instincts we have as children, if denied, will rear their heads and cry out to take shape in adulthood. Art had always been there, but now I recognise its importance in the opportunities it grants me to both create and meditate, in a world that seems to place a growing emphasis on speed, rapidly and sometimes alienating changes in communication technology, and mass produced goods - all of which can fuel a sense of disconnection from the natural world. I may belong to a different age!

I paint with oils, mainly. I love big open spaces, light spaces, big areas of colour, the sea in particular with all its drama, changing light and movement. Inland I enjoy my local countryside and birdlife, and get fired up when visiting the fish markets and fruit stalls with their exciting shapes and colours, which will often end up being painted before being cooked up for a delicious meal!

Paintings are all originals and prices generally range between £400-£1500 depending on size, whether framed or not. For all enquiries, or if you are interested in purchasing a painting, please feel free to contact me via this site.